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Featured Cat of the Week - Athena

02 September 2018
Featured Cat of the Week - Athena This week we are featuring the lovely Athena who is searching for her very own loving forever home.

Athena is a very affectionate, pretty, 7-year-old lady looking for a loving home.

Athena loves a fuss and will greet visitors for even more fuss. Being long-haired Athena likes regular brushing to help keep her coat free of tangles, but this is usually in short bursts. She also likes to play when the fancy takes her.

Athena loves human company and would like to live with a family that are home for part of the day. Although Athena has had children visiting her previous home she preferred to stay away from the young ones but is ok with older children. She would also like to be the only cat in the house.

Due to her long fur Athena has suffered with fur balls and sickness. She has been fully vet checked and has been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Disease and is on a special dry diet that is widely available on the internet. Athena also has medication to prevent fur balls which she has once a week and is always happy about this as it means she gets treated to a pouch. Both the food and medication are reasonably priced and her fosterers will discuss this further with Athena's new family.