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FREE Neutering Campaign

20 October 2017

Cats Protection recommends that cats are spayed or snipped at around four months of age or younger. Once done, the cats live longer, healthier lives and it is the most humane way to stop unwanted pregnancies. Spaying or snipping also prevents some cancers, helps stop the spread of FIV (feline immunodeciency virus), reduces straying, fighting and spraying.

The guidelines for eligibility for neutering assistance apply to one or more of the following; receipt of certain means-tested benefits, low household income, full-time students living away from home, state-only pension and pension credit.

We will be offering free neutering vouchers to the postcodes below on the dates specified

Week Commencing 30.10.17 - SG15 / SG16 / SG17
Week Commencing 06.11.17 - SG18 / SG19
Week Commencing 13.11.17 - MK40 / MK41
Week Commencing 20.11.17 - MK42 / MK43
Week Commencing 27.11.17 - MK44 / MK45

To apply for a voucher to cover the cost of neutering your cat please contact us by one of the methods below

Simply let us know:
• Your name, address and contact number
• The name age and gender of your cats
• Where you got your cat from (advert, friend, other rescue, breeder, stray, born to one of your own cats)
• Which vets you plan to use

Call: 0345 260 2505 (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday)
Or Text: 07966 527068
Or email: bedfordcats@gmail.com

Please note all vouchers must be used by 31.12.17 so please do not apply if you have a kitten that will not be old enough to be neutered by this date.