Mail on Sunday article - Setting the record straight

15 January 2014

Following publication of a misleading and factually incorrect article in the Mail on Sunday (12 January 2014) here is the full list of questions that will have been raised by the Mail article and our response to each one. Does Cats Protection put down sick cats rather than paying vets’ fees? Our cat-loving volunteers and staff never put a healthy cat to sleep. This is a vital, underlying principle for the work we do as a charity that cares passionately ...

Advice to pregnant cat owners about cats and health

10 May 2013

Advice to pregnant cat owners about cats and health Cats Protection has noticed that some mothers-to-be, and mothers of babies and young children, are bringing their cats in for rehoming because they are concerned about the effect of their pet on their, or their children’s, health. Cats Protection is keen to assert that, in many cases, there is no need for them to give up their beloved pet cat. Toxoplasmosis The charity is aware that pregnant women can...